Prague Flooding 2006

I’ve been trying to get this up for a while and it looks as though I finally have.  I hope you enjoy the information, the pictures and the news that I will be supplying, hopefully a couple of times a week.

The water is rising near the power plant. There should be about a 15 foot drop instead of no drop, as we are seeing now.

Here are some of the new barriers that were put up in the middle of the night on Sunday or Monday this week. They were particularly careful to put them up in places that were hardest hit last time, in 2004, places like the Four Seasons Hotel and Kampa Park below the Charles Bridge.

Here’s the loading dock for one of the many tour boat operators on the Vltava River. Kind cute seeing it all under water.

If you look closely, or click for the full image, you can see the water lines painted on the wall to the left of the door. We’ll see how high it gets this time. If you turn around from this door, then you will see this small canal….

…which they are pumping because the water is almost up to the door steps.


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