Random Acts of Statue

Here are some pictures of the statues I’ve run across lately. Most of them are in Prague, although a couple might be from the Moravian town of Brno but of course I’ll let you know where to find them if you should be so inclined. Of course, not all of these statues are even marked or titled, they just sit out there for our enjoyment. If you are even mildly interested, please click on an image for a larger version.

Here’s a shot of the composer Bedrich Smetana at Smetaovo nabrezi in Prague, dividing the Old Town from the Lesser Town.

This one sits outside the Theatre of the Estates, where “Mozart himself conducted the world premiere of his Don Giovanni in 1787”. I’ll get the name, if there is one, next time I’m downtown.

Here is a granite sculpture of ‘The Lady of Letna”, a rounded, crouching figure so popular here, surrounded by flowers. I believe I have one in the winter too which I’ll have to find soon.

Another sculpture, in the same vein as the one above (rounded perfect figures enjoying ‘the nature’), at Namesti Svobody, in Dejvice. Two perfectly innocent children taking in a small, delicate bird. Too sarcastic?

Another great military theme. A nice young soldier handing a sitting woman a gas mask. Who could ask for anything more touching, and humane. The person who created this is one B.Benda. No year. Location: Behind General Staff on Vitezne Namesti, Dejvice Prague 6. (I have to go back for a better picture, these all suck pretty badly, like the ‘art’ itself.)

This is one of Jaroslav Rona’s many original works found all over Prague. This one is called “Little Martian” and is located behind Siemens main office on Evropska.

Jan Hus on Staromestske Namesti in the Winter. He’s always there. “Completed in 1915 on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the death of Jan Hus, the Czech Hussite reformer, the massive monument dominates the square. It shows two groups of people, a young mother symbolising national rebirth and the figure of Hus emphasising the moral authority of the man who gave up life rather than his beliefs”. Quote taken from here. Still in my top 10.

A rather cool sculpture where there is no beginning and no end. And someone even had the good manners to shoe one of his feet. This one is also behind Siemens, next to the Jaroslav Rona above.


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