May Day Celebrations

The May Day celebrations were much more interesting this year. Normally, what happens here in Prague is that the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia reserve the very large open space called “Letenske Plan” here in Letna Park. They have their rallies and give their speeches and prod everyone to vote for them in the next elections and have their emblem, two red cherries, plastered everywhere.
That’s all good and well, because they never get more than 10 or 11 percent of the vote anyway and it’s pretty much stuck in the over 50 demographic, so as those folks who remember ‘how good it was before’ die off this party will slowly disappear.
What made this year special was that the Christian Democratic Party got off their collective asses and beat the Communists to the local city hall and reserved the park for their own rally (this year is an election year), and turned the whole rally into a very publicly Anti-Communist rally. In addition to their own political speeches, their were testimonies and displays of prisoners of work camps from all around the country.
All in all in quite cool to see that event turned around and dropped on the Communist Party heads, so to speak.


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