Freedom From Fascism

Last year was the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII and the Liberation of Czechoslovakia from German forces, so a celebration was in order. One of the neighborhoods was closed off for celebrations and a party and there was a very distinct European focus with all the tents representing a different country that was under the Nazi boot.

In the end, the city thought it was such a success that they would sponsor such an event every year, by closing off the street to automobile traffic, putting up tents for exhibits, tents for beer and sausage and other edibles, and having not just an area for kids but making sure the exhibits involved the children somehow (with contests, quizzes and prizes etc).

They did it again this year with the local Technical University carrying the lead roll. So my 8 year-old decided to take some pictures:

A solar-powered vehicle.

The stage, where many bands would play; including the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Yes, it is big enough to accommodate a full orchestra.

Some strange bungey trampoline contraption…

that every kid seems to gravitate towards before they puke in fear.

But if hights don’t scare you, then there’s always the mechanical bull?

And finish off the day with some fresh pig, horseradish, mustard and beer. That is what democracy is all about, is it not?


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