Kava Kava Kava

Although this isn’t a new café, I’m new to it these past couple of months and I like it. They have good fresh coffee, whole beans to buy for home, coffee to go and, of course, an Internet Café. Not so special in and of itself, but the whole place is big enough to fit their high level of traffic every day and fit you in comfortably. They have the Wi-Fi (the only reason I’m writing this) that extends into the middle and front rooms of the café that is in continual use throughout the day despite the little signs asking you not to use the Wi-Fi in the middle or front rooms of the café.

Also important is that in the front room there are approximately 5 wall plugs for customer use. Ok, it’s necessarily clear whether they are for customer use but customers are continually using them.

One added bonus for any of you using the local lunch tickets, the Gastrotour or Cheque Dejournee etc., this place gives you full change on your purchase. Unusual these days.

Here’s one small interior shot of the place.

Location: Kava Kava Kava – Andel, Prague 5, Lidicka 42. +420 257 314 268
Their Website

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 7.00 – 22.00, Sat – Sun 9.00 – 24.00


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