Bila Vrana

The “White Crow” in Prague 3, just behind the church at the Jiriho z Podebrad metro stop.

Walk to the back side of the church and turn left at the corner. Go down the street a block and a half and turn right at Jagellonska. About midway down the street on the right hand side is Bila Vrana.

They have a nice open garden in the back, a non-smoking room on the way to the garden, and in front at least one place to plug in. At least, that’s all I found, literally one place to plug in.

On the upside, they have a very nice and comparatively inexpensive menu. Where else can you get a shark steak w/potatoes and soup for 95 Crowns? Their salads are good (the Nicoise comes to mind) and the beer – 10 degree light/dark Kozel or 12 degree Plzner – is always clean and fresh.

So there’s one more place to mark down for a drink and an Internet connection and an outdoor garden.


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