Café Archa

So I’m meeting a friend downtown and we’re going to go to this cafe which has been around forever, right across the street from Bila Labut and not too far from the Masarykovo Train Station.

It’s not bad. We went to the upstairs section because it was less crowded and even though they have no places to plug in, the guy working there was polite enough to bring out and extension cord for the two of us. He also gave us a warning that many times, Mac users have difficulty connecting to their “free” Wi-Fi. As it turns out, we had no problem, it was just painfully slow and inconsistent.

Now, as it turns out “free” here means you get 30 minutes. I don’t know what happens after that because we didn’t really stay that long and moved on to another place.

Beer is bottled, coffee is espresso based, and the service is quite polite and tolerant. Joe Bob says that is you’re in a fix, it’s worth the visit.


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