iPhone in Prague?

There has been mention of the possibility of the iPhone hitting the Czech market before, albeit unofficially, over here, but since that time my local phone guy has said that he’s not going to carry it, at least for now. But then as I’m cruising around Veletrzni I see this….

Crazy, I know, but I have to go back and check it out. The Segway store is advertising iPhones? Well, it seems they are.

And if you click on the photo for a larger image you’ll see that they are not just selling them now, for about 15.000kc. They are also offering to unblock them for use on all networks that operate in the Czech Republic.

Now, I’m not going to comment on the conversion rate of the dollar, but the price quoted in the ad in Czech Crowns has remained constant since I the iPhone became available in the U.S. And given phone prices here, that’s not much different from the Nokia 6600 I bought here a year and a half ago, or other high end phones. 15k for a phone here is not unusual at all.

The store wasn’t open when I took the photo, but I imagine I’ll be able to go back later and check out the validity, origin and functionality of these phones. Sure, I want one. I’m wrong that way.

If you you are interested and live in the Czech Republic, then there are also discussions here. And hey, it’s cheaper than going to France, Ireland, the UK, Austria or Germany; though certainly traveling to those countries is a pleasure. 🙂

Lastly, I’m a bit skeptical about the sale of a phone which has not officially hit the market yet, for reasons mentioned in the above mentioned articles, being sold in a store that primarily sells “Personal Transporters”, but hey, if you’ve lived in the CR for any reasonable length of time, you’re used to it.

More later…


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