iPhone in Prague 6

So after having a good look around P-Town and other cities nearby (Dresden, Vienna, Munich, Paris) for a cheapish iPhone I settled on a store in Dejvicka after my son ran into the shop to check and see if they were stocking it, and sure enough they were.

Standard price around these parts seems to be in the 14-15 thousand crown range for the 16Gig model. While it’s cheaper in other countries, transportation costs eat up any savings you might have from buying it abroad. Having said that, what with the dollar so low right now, having someone in the U.S. mail one over here would cut the cost down to about 8.000kc. Nice price if you can get it.

Gratuitous “iPhone in Prague” picture:

And, as you can see, the phone comes all nice and cracked for use on whatever network you happen to be on. And after three weeks of playing around, I have to say that it works very well on T-Mobile here; and, I’m seeing more and more of them appear around town despite not being released officially here yet.

Also, if you are on T-Mobile, the smart move might be to go the Surf&Mail+ route for the 199kc monthly flat fee and get unlimited surfing abilities, rather than get nailed for EDGE & WAP charges. T-Mobile are still not up to speed on what an iPhone actually is yet, and I’m not sure anyone should use them given my current bout of problems and arguments with them, but as long as you tell them that you don’t plan to hook your phone up to a computer to give the computer internet access, they seem cool with only charging 199kc.


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