Prague Beer Festival

Ah, the Prague Beer Festival, as if P-Town needed more beer.

It’s over now thank god, but I had to go, because you know, daddy likes his beer. He really does, and so does mommy; and they make some nice beer here. And he likes it. “How much? A lot!”

So here’s the deal eh, I did notice that in spite of the fact that it was promoted as a “Beer Festival”, there were very few actual breweries represented; you know, like those people who brew the good stuff, the sudsy brown ales and porters and stouts and lagers and stuff. Yeah sure, Budvar, Plzner, Gambrinus, Radegast, Kozel and Branik were there; and so were Staropramen, Platan, Cerna Hora, Janacak, Hols, Jihlava and Rohozec; but who actually owns all those beer labels?

Well, Budvar is still state owned. SAB owns Plzner, Radegast; Interbrew owns….

To quote Ron Pattison:
“The idiotic way the Czech brewing industry was privatised, when the regional groupings of the communist era were sold off in job lots, meant all the local breweries gained a single private owner. In Prague the three large breweries – Staropramen, Braník and Mestan – were in a single group, Prazské Pivovary, and had the same owner. In November 1996, when they increased their shareholding to 51%, that owner was the British firm Bass. When Bass decided to get out of brewing, the breweries passed to the Belgian multinational Interbrew.

Interbrew isn’t the only international vulture to have descended on the carcass of the communist brewing industry. SABMiller – worryingly for anyone who cares about beer – grabbed almost half of the Czech market when Nomura got bored of playing brewer. They’ve shown their respect for Pilsner Urquell’s uniques tradition by brewing it under licence in plants they control in other countries, such as Poland.

Heineken, through its ownership of the Austrian group BBAG, now has a toehold in the Czech Republic. I can’t imagine that it will be content with its current market share of less than 5%. That just isn’t the way globalists operate.”

And in spite of the fact that you can buy all of these beers in town on a normal work day for a lot less, the place was jam packed with idiots like me.

Also, there were no micro-brews there. I’m talking about beers that we sometimes see popping up around town on the occasional celebration of say, the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII (they do that kind of thing over here).

So I took a few snaps on the phone and here you are:

One of These Things is Not Like the Others
Can you guess which person a certain tobacco company outfitted with hooker clothes so she could be easily recognizable as the one selling cigarettes?

We got to the Fairgrounds a bit earlier than others as you can see by the emptiness of this space, so here are a few empty tables and a couple of women dressed in “traditional” costume.

This guy couldn’t get his camera off of this poor child. I think even she recognizes the sorriness of her situation. Good for her, back to work.

Lest we forget the two gigantic BBQ’d bulls on a spit for all to enjoy…

Or maybe it’s just this one small dog feasting on bones and cartilage, because I didn’t notice anyone eating it.

So basically, it sucked b@lls, and I wouldn’t recommending it to anyone; unless, they just want to sit back and enjoy some regular beer in what is a pretty relaxed atmosphere (if you get there before 3pm) in a reasonably nice, green park and you have absolutely no plans whatsoever and you’re not worried about going anywhere until after midnight, then it might be worth it. But if you’re there for the BEER!, then stay in town. It’s cheaper and you can find more variety.

Note to organizers for next time: Get some micro-brewers out there next time. Their beer is great, it would sell, people would love it and they need the publicity and exposure more than your top 3 brewers. It was a stupid, self-centered mistake to leave them out.

Contact the Director, Mr. Jan Hubner, is you want to make suggestions for next year.


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