Prague Spring Over, Normalization Begins

The 40th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia has come and gone (now we know where McCain’s brain is stuck) and not a whole lot happened in terms of events, but the city did do a good job of keeping the event in our collective consciouses by putting up flags around certain parts of the city; for example, in Prague 6 there were reminders that certain events in Czech history seem to happen when the year’s date ends in an ‘eight’: 1968, 1948, 1938, 1918 just to name a few.

If you were to visit Valdstejnska zahrada (Valdstejnsky palace), you would have seen an historical exhibition detailing all of the other ‘eights’, and, at the back end of the garden, near the Malastranska metro end, you would have seen this Russian armored personnel carrier :

Sorry about the glare.

Though I don’t have any pictures of them, there were other tanks, tanks sawed in half, pink tanks and other pictures and events commemorating the event and, most importantly, reminding us not to forget.


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