The Russians Aren’t Coming, The Russians Aren’t Coming

Haven’t done much by way of informing you of what is happening here in P-town, but one thing that is definitely NOT happening is another Russian invasion. One can only imagine what the clown at the LA Times was smoking when she wrote this article, but whatever it was, we want some over here.

Firstly, the only people sourced/quoted were Poles. Secondly, the only connection made to the Czech Republic was this line, “The Czech Republic, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of a Soviet invasion that crushed the Prague Spring reform movement, is fretting about history repeating itself.” Really? And were there any actual living people of the Czech persuasion questioned before you came to this line of reasoning? Because, all of the ones I talked to laughed at the idea; I mean, big-ass, absurd, are-you-crazy, belly laughs.

Once can only imagine what the Ukrainians and Moldavians thought of this ludicrous article. They didn’t seem to be consulted either.

I’ll get to the 40th anniversary of the Russian Invasion in a bit, not much really happened. No one is sweating it happening again, but at least folks here do tend to remember their history rather than create it out of thin air.


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