News of the Day

Since I’m home sick with the flu today why don’t I just re-cap some of the news in today’s Mlada Fronta Dnes?

With only four more years to go until the next Presidential election by Parliament, Parliament is reconsidering the possibility of having direct Presidential elections.

The Czech Republic has just borrowed 200 million Euros from Latvia. The money will be used to help with the current world financial crisis.

Ukraine, which just turned on the gas last week, is arguing to once again stop the flow of gas to the EU.

Nachod Brewery, the 13th largest in the Czech Republic, is up for sale but has only one legitimate bidder. The brewery makes over 180 mil. kč annually, the country argues it should receive at least 150 mil. kč, but the bid so far is only 135 mil. kč.

The view of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge has put the city on the UNESCO list of cities worthy of receiving funding, but “developer creep” and new criteria from the city for preserving historical buildings could put that listing at risk.

And finally, the Hard Rock Café is looking for employees for it’s new location at the Irongate Hotel in Prague’s Old Town.


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