Moravian Pension

We spent Saturday night at a newly constructed pension in Horni Dunajovice in Moravia. It was a very nice, very comfortable, half hotel half wine-cellar. The pictures I took will not do the place justice but they might give you some idea of the place. There are some more taken by the owners in the link just below.

It’s a family run pension (the Spalkas) connected to their winery which outputs approximately 250,000 liters of wine per years.

The pension has two huge tables for dining and tasting along with a nice fireplace, kitchen downstairs, and bathroom, shower and three rooms capable of sleeping 18 upstairs.

As the town is small, so the street has no name and the pension has no number. The only contact is by cell phone: +420 602 539 213.

This town is so close to the Austrian border it makes for an ideal place to use as a jumping off point for visiting other locations such as Telc or Vienna. It’s also a very clean, inexpensive place, an added bonus. Here is a map of the location.


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