We all know that plum brandy is one of the most popular Czech drinks (after beer), but it is especially popular in Moravia where home production is reletivly common, particularly in the countryside.

Slivovice, as it is called, is but one of the several kinds of brandy in production here; there is also Hruskovice, made from pear; and something surprisingly new to me called “Orechovka”.

While the first two are traditional brandies, distilled from fruits grown at home, the third is more of a mead-like drink made from walnuts, with the green skin still on, that have been soaking in acacia-honey.

I received a rather large bottle of each for my work in the vinyard, but was informed that due to sweetness of the Orechovka it was really for my wife because it’s really “a girls drink”.



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