The “Old” 3G iPhone

With all the fuss over the new iPhone (yes, I want one too) I thought I’d look into what is happening to the so-called “old” phone. Here is what I’ve found so far :

O2 carries both the 8GB & 16GB phone, both appear to be the black model and both are tied to some form of 2-year contract. Starting at 1kc and going up to 10.095kc

Vodafone not only has both models (8GB & 16GB) of phone available, but also both both colors; and, their pricing is based on the type of contract you have and the monthly “pausal” you pay, anywhere up to 14.000kc.

T-Mobile only has the 8GB model, also contract based and starting at 7.9000kc and going up to 15.247kc.


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