“Smazenice”, I have to say, is both a great idea and a crappy meal. I have to respect the effort that goes into it, and the honest, natural and potentially healthy prospects of eating freshly picked, wild mushrooms, but do you have to totally destroy them so? With so many nice shrooms, a respectable risotto could have been made; or, a nice scrambled egg with mushrooms (rather than the wet mushroom with an egg or two proportion seen here. Not my picture by the way, but ours looked basically the same, or worse).

So, while searching the forest grounds, I came across tons of fresh wild blueberries, and these just as blue beetles:
Ok, one’s dead.

Avoiding ticks is one reason I don’t do this all that often, but the forest is a wonderful place to discover, almost completely-formed skeletons:

My father in-law, though ancient at 81, is still a hunter and a very good guide through the forest and what it has to offer, in addition to the mushrooms we were searching for:
This deer skull had only partly decomposed and lay in nice round patch of its own fur, with one of it’s legs just a yard away, and though it was separated from the rest of the carcass, it was a fully connected leg all by itself.

I’m told that this is one of the ones that we don’t want. It was a beautiful green though:


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