White Deer of Zehusice

This Goggle search turns up some interesting results for these White Deer.

I had no idea that we were going to stop here, but it turned out to be worth the hour we spent there. I would definately recommend it to families with kids.

As for the actual history – what is written and what was told to us in Czech – it’s hard to tell how much is really true and how much is just folklore presented as truth because people feel a need to believe in something and explain how the hell this park came into existance. Anyhow, quoted in its entirety below is the only English text made available at the park. Please excuse the poor English, but I don’t think it fair of me to correct it. Besides, it’s a hilarious read:

“The deer-park Žehušice
About 15 km to the East of Kutná Hora is a Deer-park Žehušice, where from more than 150 years is bread a herd of white deer, one of a few in the whole world. In the year 1826 ordered the count Matias Thun-Hohenstein to get dry a big pond, which was situated behind the park of the Castle and this area to get hedged. That was the beginning of the deer-park of a surface of cca 250 ha. In this time got the count Thun-Hohenstein from the count Kinsky of Chlumec n/C. as a gift some pieces of white deer. In the meantime in other parks the white deer died out, in the park of Žehušice is the white stag bred untill our time. The origin of the white deer is not clear and there till now disputations if the white deer came to Europe from India or from Persia. The number of the white deer stags was during the time remarkably changing, from the highest level of 200 pieces to 30 in the year 1949. Today they are about 130. The greatest attention is nowadays paied to the care of the white deer including a research of it. Behind the white deer lives also in this deer-park of Žehušice a herd of fellow deer.”

I love it. It is clear that so much attention is “paied” to the deer that they have no time for proofreading their text.

And here (eventually) is a Czech audio recording of almost everything the guide said (I started late, it took me a second to realize that I could use my iPhone to record him. Thank you Voice Memos).


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