Kladruby Horses & Stud Farm

Strange thing about this trip around Pardubice, Kutna Hora and Kradec Kralove was the emphasis on things “white”. I saw white deer, white cows and white horses. I even saw a strange whitish snake thingy that I was then told was not a snake but a kind of salamander with no legs. Really?
White Salamander?

So, the “National Stud” at Kladruby nad Labem. Again, a good place to take the kids.



Again, using the available literature from the Visitors Center which is extremely limited but at least this time in decent English, the horses owe their start to “The aristocratic family of Pernstein, living at Kladruby … among the important horse breeders of the first half of the 16th century. After political changes during the reign of Maximilian II, the Kladruby estate had devolved to the Habsburg Imperial Court. In 1579 the Emperor Rudolf II had promoted the Kladruby Stud to the Imperial Stud, and from that time on the Stud supplied horses to the Imperial Court in Prague and Vienna until 1918. Kladrubers were originally bred in dilerent colours, but since the end of the 18th century only greys and blacks were produced. the greys were used for ceremonial purposes of the Imperial Court, and the blacks served to Church dignitaries.”

(As before, quoted text is not mine.)

Inside the stables, getting a washdown:

A map of where the different breeds came from and how they were traded across Europe:

Their home page is in Czech and German. They only link to their “Events” in English.


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