Comic Book Shops in Vienna

So we’re in Vienna because Prague has no comic book stores … Of.Any.Kind.

Kind of a long way to travel but in the end worth it. We managed to find three that weren’t so far apart from each other that we couldn’t hit them all at least once in the course of our limited day.

Two of the shops we visited are listed at “The Master List“.

This one at Gredlerstraße 4 looked the best but was closed two weeks for vacation. We will definitely be going back at some point to check it out. It looked that good from the outside, and bigger than the next two.

The second one at Barnabitengasse 12 is the farthest away but in an interesting location near a ton of other shops and restaurants etc. It’s not a bad size and has lots of Manga, books, toys and comics in English and German.

The third one was Comics Hutterer, and was the easiest to find because you walk right past it going to the center. It is close enough to the first one above that you can easily go to both in a few minutes time to compare. It was the smallest and in our opinion the weakest, organized in a rather random manner. My son wanted toys primarily and their selection was small, but what surprised me wast the selection of some really old toys and figures still in their boxes, which might interest others. They also pretty much have nothing in English.


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