East to Jaroslavice

Cafe/Bar/Hospoda “La Passion” in Jaroslavice is a great place to stop on your return trip to Znojmo. Very bike friendly.

Having said that we should probably talk about the start of the trip. There are a few hills along the way, but none that the average 11-year old can’t handle, just ask my son.

Following the 5007 out of Znojmo takes you directly to the city of Djye and then Tasovice where you turn right to Naceratice.

Just after you pass through Tasovice you cross the Dyje river where you see the following sign, which says, and I’m enjoying the paraphrase, “Don’t use radio-locators or remote controls or things just might blow up”.

So cycle past this place and there is a tiny hill and you are on your way to the intersection at Naceratice. Take a left and you continue on your way to Jaroslavice. Go right and you might find yourself either at a pub (opens at 2pm!) or at a small grocery store.

This could be a good place to stop with the kid(s) as we found the woman at the store more than kind at 11am when the pub across the street was closed and invited us into the backyard garden and let us bring our bikes through the store to sit outside with our beer and soda in the sun. How cool is that?

We go back to the intersection and continue to Jaroslavice and Strachotice but no longer on the 5007.

Not much is going to happen now either on the way there or back. It is pretty much a straight, flat ride. When you get to the lake you could stop and enjoy; if, on the other hand you decide to turn around and go back because it has been such a short ride then you might enjoy the Wizard of Oz experience of riding the 5007 below Jaroslavice back to Znojmo through some 10 or 15 kilometers of marihuana which is growing along the side of the road mixed in with the weeds before you turn off towards Dyjakovicky where you find another nice outdoor pub for an ice cream and a beer before heading back to Znojmo.


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