Česka Kanada/Czech Canada, Preface

I will be updating this post repeatedly with more information and pictures over the next few…time periods time allows, how ’bout that?

There is an area surrounding the southern Czech border with Austria known as “Czech Canada“. The borders among Bohemia, Moravia and Austria are all located here. There is in fact a town called “Trojmezi”, which is where all three of these regions meet.

We are here this year to cycle around and see as much as we can in the the area, but it has become apparent that we will will have to come back again. And again. And perhaps even a few more times after that.

It is a wonderful place for biking (some official examples around Nova Bystrice), both road and mountain. So perfect in fact that it is hardly a secret to anyone with two wheels. There are cyclists everywhere. Not so many that you will be annoyed, as in Prague, but it can sometimes be hard to find yourself alone.

Some things of note so far:

  • The combination, the abundance of lakes and forest is fantastic.
  • Almost all of the forest areas are completely protected and unspoiled.
  • Most of the roads are relatively small and there are few tourists at this point.
  • The area has some great “Bike Routes of Interest”, one of which seemed to follow us down to the Austrian town of Reingers, the bike “Path of the 20th Century” (.pdf), which discusses and catalogues the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia and their subsequent assemblage in Austria, specifically Reingers.
  • The wasteland known as the town of Majdalena should be avoided at all costs.
  • The recent rains have brought mushrooms galore to the surrounding forests, and I’m not certain what it was down there: the amount of rain, the number of mushrooms growing, the clairity and sharpness of the air; but you could actually smell, from your bicycle, the thick, palpable aroma of mushrooms wafting out of the forests as though riding through a dense cloud of shroom, (and no, we only picked the Boletus) 😉
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