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Smoke ’em if you got ’em… somewhere else

Taken in one of the Letna Park Beer Gardens, I’ll let you read it first.


So, in addition to not having any service in the garden, and having to keep your dogs on a leash, you are not supposed to light up your joints, please.

Despite all this, they do have both light and dark Krusovice, and decent/polite people working the window, less of a rarity in this town today but noticeable nonetheless.

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Kutna Hora, “Sand Pind”

I know it’s not completely fair to make fun of non-native speakers’ ability, or rather, inability, to speak or write the English language, hell, native speakers eff it up just fine on their own, but I do so enjoy bathing in the occasional screw up :


I just hope that there was laugh-guard on duty? Ouch.