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The Art of Marcella Cleese

This is the ad hoc slideshow on the web. There is no information about the individual pieces themselves as yet, they haven’t been written. Almost all are originals, a very few are prints, and there are many more that will go up as I receive them.

Some information about the artist:

The Early Works of Marcella Cleese

“Marcella Cleesse lived for over sixty years within walking distance of Stanford Univeristy where she studied studio art. Marcella was greatly influenced by the many artists whose combined forces brought about one of the most explosive art movements in modern American art history. The fine art of these early instructors fill the many museums in the Bay Area and the homes of prominent patrons.The distinctive culmination of the Bay Area Figurative School and the early works of Stanford alumni artists such as Diebenkorn, Bischoff, Neri and Oliverira to name a few can be seen in her more mature works. Ms. Cleese studied directly under Frank Lobdell, one of the most prominent teachers during the “new wave” of Expressionism at the San Francisco Art Institute, and later Stanford University. It was at this time in the late 60’s that Ms. Cleese began her studies with Lobdell and to perfect her use of color and perspective which later became so much a part of her work.

Ms. Cleese was fortunate to be able to travel around the world many times on the original Queen Elizabeth and expand her image and use of color by painting the great market places of the world, fishing scenes in the exotic waters of the Orient and South Pacific and elegant drawings of nudes and still lifes. Ms. Cleese, in her latter years, worked almost exclusively in pastels or ink with a delicacy achieved after many years of study during her vacations to the Orient and Near East.

Ms. Cleese lived a long and happy life and died in March of 2001 in Menlo Park. She left all of her works to her close friend and art representative, Mary Jensen of Sacramento, who continues to sell her work. Ms. Cleese held education in high regard and would be pleased to know she was assisting that endeavor today.”


“In addition to over $100,000 in scholarships awarded by the college, at least one annual full-tuition scholarship is awarded in memory of Marcella Cleese through a generous endowment created by her friends.”

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Cycling Moravia

We’re going to Znojmo again next week for a week-long trip of riding around the border areas between the Czech Republic and Austria, and sampling wine (maybe even helping out on the farm, we’ll see). If anyone is interested in cycling guides and maps of the area I will be putting some together while I am there and posting them to my account at Everytrail, so any format suggestions for said guides (.epub etc.) would be appreciated.

We may not have been able to do Greece this time but at least we will get something published for others to use.